Code and Fee Streamling

While most of the candidates running for Los Gatos Town Council launched their campaigns a few months ago, Heidi Owens has been actively campaigning for nearly two years.  She met many of you prior to the Covid crisis at coffee shops, the Farmer's Market, and door-to-door.  One theme that emerged from these early conversations was frustration at exorbitant fees and unexpectedly long timelines for remodeling and opening businesses.  The Town has begun code and fee streamlining efforts and Heidi pledges to continued that work.  She will vote "yes" on any proposal that will eliminate or even refund fees to residents and businesses.  It is important that the Town works for the residents and that fees and codes reflect the desires of our Town's residents.  Based on Heid's conversations with residents, there is a misalignment between our values and our fees.