Heidi Owens has lived in the Los Gatos area for nearly twenty years.  She will fight to preserve the beautiful Los Gatos way of life including our small-town feel, vibrant downtown community, and exceptional youth and senior services.  She has an MBA from Santa Clara University and advanced to the executive level during a long career with CIsco.  When it comes to governing the Town of Los Gatos, she holds these principals as core values:


  • Heidi is a committed environmentalist.

  • She is a white ally to people of color, also called an “anti-racist”.

  • She is a fiscal conservative and supports expanded community involvement on the Town’s Finance Committee, especially focused on the troubling unfunded pension liability.

  • As the wife of a fire captain, she highly concerned with wildfire prevention.

  • She is a privacy expert, vocal advocate, and County Consumer Protection Commissioner.

  • Heidi is a committed friend to the small business community in Los Gatos.

  • With the exception of Town staff, nobody in Los Gatos has worked harder on the beach traffic problem than Heidi Owens.